Coffin EP

by Spooky Cabins

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Debut EP of Spooky Cabins


released September 9, 2013

Artwork by Vincent Conti



all rights reserved


Spooky Cabins Rosendale, New York

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Track Name: Coffin Black
No other black besides you and I don't know, how this will end for you. Coffin black is all I know and I don't know, where you'll end up tonight. The night will cover my tracks, I was never here. And you'll never know where you're legs were hidden. I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know where I am. My coffin was always next to you, please forgive me, I can't breathe as well.
Track Name: Go(ld) Home
These bitter drinks won't calm my burning soul. These bitter drinks will take my home, I won't make it home. No lights will remind me of you. No lights will turn me away, i won't make it home. Please remain calm, please don't stay. This gold will wake me at home.
Track Name: Bury Me in Dirt
The last thing I see is you shoveling dirt and I can't say anything. These breaths become short and I can't scream, but please don't help me. Living with you was hell enough, so i'll take this rest for us. There is money left in the safe, I hope you shoot it away. Your pride is stuck with me, forever rotting away.